BBC High Tech

We are a general agency for many continent especially for whole europe countries, our partner the manufacturer is one of the very few companies that possesses a full range of the key technologies required for night vision devices, and is a leader in the intelligent night vision dome camcorder industry.

Thermal Monocular

⚫  384×288,  12μm Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Sensor;
⚫  Sensor Frame rate: 50fps, high quality imaging;
⚫  Manual focus, 8x magnification;
⚫  Cost performance, focus on the consumer  market;
⚫  Small & light weight, easy to carry;

CE-220 Thermal Camera for Andriod OS

⚫ Ultra low power consumption, simple to use;  
⚫ 12 um high-performance sensor with ASIC chip;
⚫ Consumer Electronics level, cost-effective;
⚫ Plug in and play, directly connected to mobile phones, tablets, and other devices ;
⚫ Small & light weight, easy to carry;

CE-50 Digital Day and Night Vision Rifle Scope

⚫ Highly Sensitive 1920×1080 Sensor for image acquisition
⚫ FUlI HD OLED Display for image detail
⚫ Day, Low-light and Night modes
⚫ 15 hours super long battery life
⚫ Mounting on standard 30 mm rings
⚫ 10 distinct reticles with 6 color schemes and 10 levels of brightness
⚫ Compact and lightweight
⚫ Protect Level IP67


Special Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a nationally-recognized high tech enterprise, highly competent in leveraging its internally-developed core technologies in the night vision arena. Our designs, builds, ships and services to customers the best high-end night vision products and solutions worldwide.   

Company night vision equipment utilize low light and near-infrared light source NV technologies. We apply a number of independently developed and patented technologies to our devices.